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LYNK Studio is a limited series-based brand. Once all the products in one series is sold out, we will launch our next series.

Each series is curated from 4 different perspectives to bring you something unique. 

The four perspectives are comprised of Ludmilla, Yash, Nishita and Kuza. Our name, LYNK, comes from the first letter of each of our initials!

Our current series are the Otavalo Series, Thrift Series and LINKS by LYNK Series.

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It all started with four girls in Miami: an illustrious and tropical metropolis. Four perspectives coming together to spark one conversation about one thing: creating a unique platform showcasing equally unique products... and what's more, products that cater to the like-minded individual's desire for vibrancy, boldness, and handmade craft. 
One such product hails directly from the artisans in the Ecuadorian village of Otavalo. Our Otavalo Series consists of blankets in four unique colors and designs as well as backsacks.
LYNK Thrift is a series of locally thrifted pieces that have been handpicked and curated to represent our combined styles and highlight the product's unique qualities. This series consist of scarves and belts. 

LINKS by LYNK is our newest series. We curated 4 necklaces, each necklace is named after the four of us and can be worn individually or as a set.

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