LYNK Studio is a lifestyle curated design brand with a goal of creating unique limited series that promote fair trade, local artisans, quality, and environmentally-friendly choices. We hope to create an impact in our community through collaborations and events that invoke new ideas and conversations.



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We are 4 friends who sat around a dinner table one too many times having the same conversation: when we looked around locally, we couldn't find a brand that embodied what was relatable to us. We had an idea that others may feel the same way, and that is how LYNK Studio was born.

The name is a combination of the first letters of each of our names and plays with the idea of LYNK-ing our perspectives with each other and to our city, Miami. 

As a curated design and lifestyle brand, we create, curate, style, and manage everything ourselves. The melding of our 4 unique backgrounds and ideas is what makes us and drives us to constantly develop new limited-series products and form collaborations with other local Miami brands and creatives.

This brand is made up of a part of each of us, and we choose to support conscious, fair trade, or local products. We want to do what we can to make a positive impact and that is why we curate high quality, long lasting pieces and thrifted goods. In a world full of perspectives, we hope to be an insight into another way of living.

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Ludmilla Canto


"L" stands for Ludmilla, co-founder and brand director of LYNK Studio. But to those who know her, she goes by her middle name, Belle. Her personal desire for sophistication and retro minimalism means LYNK does the same. When she isn’t creating content or designing the brand’s digital media, she’s pursuing her Master’s of Interior Architecture at Florida International University. 

Y Portrait


Yashodhara Suri


"Y" can be described as both free-spirited and strong-willed. She has a passion for multimedia production, branding, and styling. As a recent Digital Media Studies graduate, she uses her skills as a Digital Media Consultant freelancer and fashion/lifestyle blogger (The Hip Nip) when she isn't working on LYNK. But, most importantly, Y enjoys admiring and playing with every dog she encounters in metropical Miami. 



Nishita Aswani


"N" is passionate and curious, and loves to dabble in all kinds of creative forms, while really seeking to make a positive impact on lifestyles through this platform. She believes good design and authentic marketing can change the way people see products and the effects of that on the community and environment. She also really loves a good laugh, eating noodles, and out of this world--literally--conversations. 
















Kristen Kim


"K" likes to go by Kuza, and she just recently graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at Florida International University. She loves to discover the unknown in any manifest. Whether it be new ideas, mentalities, stores, neighborhoods, people...discovering the unknown in where wandering may lead and absorbing everything that comes along with it is her bliss. K's bubbly attitude & concious-consumption lifestyle adds value to every design created and product released at LYNK Studio.