LINKS by LYNK - Kuza

LINKS by LYNK - Kuza


Each item in the LINKS by LYNK Series has been chosen for you and designed to be worn alone or all together for a trendy, unique layered look.

The "Kuza" Necklace is named after Kristen (Kuza) Kim the "K" in LYNK. Kuza is all about the newest trend and loves any type of dainty stone on her jewelry. This necklace features 5 moonstones that can be worn symmetrically or asymmetrically depending on your adjustment on the adjustable clasps of the necklace. 

・necklace on first clasp is 15.75" in length

・necklace on second clasp is 16.75" in length

・necklace on third clasp is 17.75" in length

・large moonstone pendant is 6mm in diameter

・small moonstone pendants are 2mm in diameter

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